Creating tag clouds from webpages & feeds with Wordle

October 26th, 2010 · 10:13 pm @   -  No Comments

Very interesting little website one of my friends sent me a link to today – You give it some text (from a webpage, document, RSS feed etc.) and it generates a tag cloud, based on the ‘weight’ of the words (usually how many times they appear within the text).

What I’d love to find is a cartographic word cloud generator – i.e. one that generates a spatially explicit/referenced word cloud. You occasionally find overpriced prints with maps of the UK with the font size of city names dependent on their population size (although that website did take me to quite an extraordinary find:

UPDATE! Check out Tagxedo – uploading images, and masking out areas of interest is now a reality. The image below is an image I put together for Blue Ventures (a marine conservation NGO based in Madagascar):


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